Why Vauni– Vauni Europe

Why Vauni


Our bioethanol fireplaces provide heat in a modern, ecofriendly way. This means that the combustion process is completely clean, and only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour are produced – just like in our exhaled air. That is why Vauni does not require a chimney or flue and why you can put the fireplace in any room you want. Our own fuel Vauni Ecoflame is optimised for bioethanol burners. In addition, it is odour neutral, biodegradable and 100 % renewable.

Swedish innovation and manufacturing

In Sweden, dark winter evenings and chilly nights have given us a very special relationship with the fireplace. Vauni’s fireplaces are the result of close collaboration between Swedish designers and innovators from the Academy of Design and Crafts and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. As innovators, we also, of course, have to consider the future – by keeping our production in Sweden we secure short transport routes and contribute to a more sustainable society.


Vauni’s fireplaces are flueless and run on pure bioethanol. This means that the energy supplied goes straight into the room in the form of a pleasant heat, instead of being lost up the chimney as is the case with conventional wood-burning stoves. The heat output is 2-3 kW depending on the model, which is roughly half that of a wood-burning stove. This produces a pleasant heat, without making the room too hot. Put simply, a fireplace adapted for modern homes.


The easiest way to light a fire. It has never been easier to have a fireplace at home. User-friendliness is one of the biggest advantages associated with this flueless technology. All you need to do is add bioethanol, light the fire and adjust the flames. Extinguish! Forget ash, soot, smoke and having to bring in wood. No fuss, just pleasant heat.


A fireplace to count on. If you are considering getting a fireplace at home, Vauni is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. The biggest saving is that you don’t need costly chimney or flue installation. Thanks to the energy-efficient technology used, the running costs are also advantageous compared with using gas or purchased wood.

  • The total cost (purchase and installation) is lowest for bioethanol, followed by wood and gas.
  • The running costs for wood and bioethanol are very similar, while gas is most expensive.
  • There are also maintenance costs, such as chimney sweeping, to consider with wood and gas.

Safe and secure

When we design a fireplace, we start with the best solutions. And when it comes to construction, we incorporate the safest solutions on the market. Our aim is for you to have a safe fireplace with optimal functionality. Our bioethanol burners have unique features in terms of function and safety. You will also appreciate the flame’s soft-start function, the heat it produces, and its light intensity. Naturally, all our products are certified and type approved by KIWA.