Decorate your home virtually– Vauni Europe

Decorate your home virtually

Look for the AR symbol to decorate your home virtually! Follow the steps below.


1. Look for the AR symbol

Visit to find products with the AR symbol, such as our freestanding Globe fireplace.

2. Click the symbol

Clicking the symbol opens the camera view. Keep in mind that it may take a moment to load the 3D model.

3. Scan your room

Point your smartphone or tablet where you would like to picture the product. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan your room and surroundings.

4. Start decorating

Now you can finally see the product! You can freely resize, rotate and move the product to check whether it suits your home.

The new colours from the Teklan collection are not updated in our AR function. They are expected to be updated in late spring.

AR works with smartphones and tablets.