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The Vauni story

"Why isn’t there a fireplace that is beautiful to look at, flueless, ecofriendly and simple to install and use?" That’s the question Sören Sjölander (professor emeritus of innovation engineering at Chalmers University of Technology) asked when moving from a house to an apartment and discovering that he couldn’t install a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

If what you want doesn’t already exist, then you just have to invent it. The first Vauni prototype was developed with designer Markus Grip in connection with his degree project at the Academy of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg. This combined the best of both worlds: cutting-edge aesthetics and technical innovation.

But that wasn’t enough for us. Safety is, of course, everything when you are designing with fire – your own safety and that of the planet. Only the safest solutions on the market are incorporated into our designs. Vauni’s burners actually absorb the fuel and keep it in place. Bioethanol is slow to burn off because only the fuel vapours burn, meaning Vauni’s products are ideal for use in the home and on yachts and houseboats, for example.

Our bioethanol fireplaces provide heat in a modern, ecofriendly way. The combustion process is completely clean and only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour are produced – just like in the air we exhale.