What is a bioethanol fireplace?– Vauni Europe

What is a bioethanol fireplace?

Inspired by the ancient lantern… the concept of the bioethanol fireplace was born. Nearly a decade ago the first ethanol fireplaces began appearing as an alternative option to wood, gas and electric powered units.

Vauni bioethanol fireplaces are heated in a modern and environmentally friendly way. This means that the combustion is completely clean and only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor are formed – just like in the air you breathe out. That’s why a Vauni fireplace does not need a flue, chimney or venting. This allows you the ability to put a Vauni in nearly any room you desire.

The fireplaces are powered by liquid denatured ethanol. The flames are as natural and yellow-orange as in wood firing, and are experienced as more dynamic than a flame produced by a gas fireplace. Not only is the flame attractive, it is also heat producing. The output is comparable to approximately half the amount of heat produced by a wood burning stove however because there is no flue or chimney, no heat loss occurs. This means you enjoy 100% of the heat produced by your Vauni fireplace. The built in damper allows you to adjust the flame size, letting you control the amount of warmth that you desire.

Vauni fireplaces are cutting edge in the world of bioethanol. They offer superior craftsmanship as well as sophisticated Swedish design. Now you can enjoy the ambience and warmth of a real flame without the requirements of a conventional wood or gas burning fireplace. For the best of bioethanol burning, look no further than Vauni.


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