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Extra heat with a fireplace in your greenhouse

Using a fireplace like the Globe or Cupola in your greenhouse can be a great way to get that extra heat needed during those chilly periods when you still want to be able to use your greenhouse. In addition, both fireplaces are perfect for the long warm summer evenings when you need that extra warmth into the wee hours. In this article, we give you the benefits of a fireplace from Vauni and how you can use it in your greenhouse.

Advantages of a fireplace from Vauni in your greenhouse

Choosing a fireplace from Vauni enables you as a homeowner to get extra heat in the home without having to install a traditional chimney. Instead of directing the smoke to the outside via a chimney, our Globe and Cupola use bioethanol fuel that does not emit any smoke. Perfect when using the fireplace in your greenhouse.

A fireplace can provide several benefits in your greenhouse. It can help keep the temperature indoors at a more constant level. This is especially useful in cold climates where temperatures can drop quickly during the cold winter months. When using a fireplace from Vauni in your greenhouse, you can also keep the heat closer to your plants. This can help you extend the season of your plants, especially if you grow plants that are sensitive to cold, such as tomatoes or peppers.

Another positive feature of our fireplaces is that they are environmentally friendly. With a Vauni in the home, you can be sure that you will get an environmentally friendly fireplace that also looks good in your home.


Decorate your greenhouse with a Globe or Cupola

To use a fireplace in your greenhouse, you need to make sure you have enough space to place it. For those of you who have set up a table or perhaps a sofa group in the greenhouse, one of our fireplaces can be the perfect addition to raise the cozy atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to color and design, it is important to choose something that fits with the rest of the greenhouse. A light or dark color can lift the greenhouse in different ways depending on what interior you have. Likewise, a high foot or a low foot on a Globe can make a big difference to the space as well. We have a wide selection of colors so that you can find the right one for your home.


All in all, a chimney-free fireplace from Vauni can be a fantastic addition to your greenhouse interior. With the right design and placement, it can create a warm and cozy environment in your greenhouse even on the coldest winter evenings.


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